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Clearinghouse Account Setup


Introducing our Dot Clearinghouse Account Setup service! Ensure DOT compliance with ease. For just $149.95, let our experts handle the entire account setup process, so you can focus on your business. Conduct comprehensive Full Queries for $14.95 or cost-effective Limited Queries for $11.95 to stay informed about your drivers’ compliance. Streamline your operations and avoid penalties. Sign up today for a compliant and worry-free future.


Introducing our Dot Clearinghouse Account Setup service! Ensure your compliance with the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations by enrolling in our seamless and comprehensive program. For a one-time fee of just $149.95, we’ll handle the entire account setup process, making it easier than ever to navigate the DOT Clearinghouse requirements.

Here’s what our service includes:

1. Account Setup: Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process of setting up your Dot Clearinghouse account. We’ll ensure that all the necessary information is accurately entered, allowing you to seamlessly manage your compliance obligations.

2. Full Query Service (Additional $14.95): With our Full Query service, you can effortlessly conduct comprehensive searches on your drivers. This service provides you with detailed information on drug and alcohol violations, ensuring you have a complete understanding of your drivers’ compliance history.

3. Limited Query Service (Additional $11.95): Our Limited Query service allows you to efficiently screen your drivers for any drug and alcohol violations. This cost-effective option provides you with a summary of information, enabling you to quickly assess your drivers’ compliance status.

By utilizing our Dot Clearinghouse Account Setup service, you’re taking proactive measures to maintain a safe and compliant workforce. Stay ahead of the game and avoid potential penalties by seamlessly integrating DOT Clearinghouse requirements into your operations.

Join numerous satisfied clients who have entrusted us with their Dot Clearinghouse needs. Let us handle the intricacies of compliance while you focus on what matters most: your business. Take the first step towards DOT compliance excellence. Sign up for our Dot Clearinghouse Account Setup service today!